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Planet Holiday

Planet Holiday!

What does your holiday mean to you?. Of all the things potentially not done on holiday, what would you feel most disappointed about? Going away and leaving everything to your partner is a sure recipe for regret and disappointment. Be ready to get to work building a vacation-world together Ever had a holiday romance? Two people in different worlds co-create a new one together.

Freedom in Sexuality & Relationships

Vidoe of a talk given at event in Forest Row about Freedom on 5th March 2014 

I am going to talk about a very defined place of Freedom - Sexuality and Relationships.  I think this is one of the most important areas for human freedom.  Nowhere is there such societal and personal judgement and prejudice.  Nowhere is there such extreme pressure to conform:  Gender stereotypes, pornography and advertising propounding sexual myths and homophobia.


Video and trasncript of a talk given on Wednesday 1 May 2013, 8pm 

I thought I would never need psychotherapy.  People around me were going for therapy and I thought ‘I don’t need that, it’s not for me because I’m alright.’  Well, here I am thirty years later a practicing psychotherapist, in on-going personal therapy and still a member of my original men’s therapy group in London which I joined nearly 10 years ago.  

It's Never Finished

I believed that one day I'd have achieved something, earned some good money, would have the time to spend at home with my family, my partner would understand me, I'd be a better person, be able to relax and all my hard work would have been worth it. 

I know other men who have fallen victim to this mind set of pursuing a dream further and further into the future. Unfortunately, for many it never arrives. …

The Ego

Egos are not popular.  Right?  In present culture, two possible fates await the ego.  In the rational behavioural and neuroscience arena the ego is denied as a reality.  The ego does not exist because, so they say, we are our neural pathways.  In the spiritual traditions where the ego is recognised it is horribly vilified.   At best the ego is to be transcended; at worst cast into our shadow.  

Body & Psyche

I outline here an approach to body and mind that is integrated and non-dual.  I will refer to key psychologists who have worked in this field:  Steiner, Sheldon and Keleman.

Steiner noted that the 17 day old embryo separates into three sheaths with each developing into one of the three main functional systems of the body.  The ectoderm, outer sheath produces the brain, sense organs and nerves, the endoderm inner sheath develops into the muscular, metabolic and organ structures of the body and the mesoderm middle sheath produces the heart, lung and circulatory system.

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