Planet Holiday

Planet Holiday!

What does your holiday mean to you?. Of all the things potentially not done on holiday, what would you feel most disappointed about? Going away and leaving everything to your partner is a sure recipe for regret and disappointment. Be ready to get to work building a vacation-world together Ever had a holiday romance? Two people in different worlds co-create a new one together. It’s limited duration gives it that quality of specialness. Your individualities are more pronounced, as you leave behind all the usual props that help identify you at home. That’s why the holiday romance is so powerful and intoxicating. But the opposite can happen to long-term partners on holiday. Being together, away from all the pressure of usual life may sound wonderful but can leave a difficult and unexpected vacuum. Relationship dynamics between partners and children are exaggerated when there is no routine to fit around. Your individuality can be easily surrendered or not found at all, leaving confusion and blandness, where one of you ends up following the other and then resenting it later. Building a world together requires bringing your self out there, weathering the exposure and knowing what this holiday means to you.

© Matt Davies 2013