Male / Female

New research shows that maleness or femaleness is not just about the presence of ovaries or testicles and the different hormones they secrete to develop a male or female body.  Neurobiological factors play their part in developing distinctly different patterns in the structure of male and female brains.  It has been shown that these brain structures are instrumental in how a person develops their sexual tendencies and gender role behaviours.  What’s more, brain and body develop independently from different hormonal signals.  This would explain the range of sexual potentials from same sex to opposite sex partner choice becoming manifest at puberty, irrespective of body gender.  And yet oddly, it has been shown we all start out on a ‘default’ plan as females.  Later the possibility for differentiation into a male embryo occurs (1)     This strange fact concurs with esoteric sources of the mystery of the female and male originating from the divine female. The brain as a perceptive organ, responding to etheric and astral fields, the form body and emotional body, makes sense to me.  If it is true that men carry a female etheric energy field and women a male etheric field, it must therefore be so that each creates the other in forming the brain and physical body.  This marriage of opposites within the human being, of male and female, concentrating force with expansive force was the quest of the alchemists and possibly the ultimate goal of sexual desire.

1. HIller, Wood & Bolton (Eds) (2006) Sex, Mind and Emotion, Karnac Books.

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