Relationships and Couples

“Love is an act of will, both an intention and an action. Will also implies choice. We do not have to love. We choose to love.  (M Scott Peck) 

Relationships can bring us the greatest joys and also our deepest woes. I work with men and women of all sexual orientations in couples or individually helping them to maximise the opportunities within their partnership.   Everyone in an intimate relationship, of whatever persuasion, will usually meet with difficulties at sometime or other.  It's what we do with conflict that matters.  Some are exploring the prospect of separation.  Some are struggling on from one crisis to another.  Some may seek help in growing to a new level of empowerment and partnership. 

Due to the complexity of human beings there is no single model for a successful intimate relationship.  There are many different and sometimes unusual arrangements between partners.  Relationship is always dynamic and fluid.  As each partner evolves the relationship's capacity for growth is tested and sometimes stretched.  This is when some couples come for help.

Through relationship therapy you have the opportunity to explore areas that most trigger your unwanted and unsatisfying thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Unmet expectations, desires and requests will often surface in conflict, irritation or anger.  Some may fight and others retreat and close down, depnding on the dynamics of your position.  It is often in the areas of intimacy, love and sex that conflict in relationships can arise because for each of us they can mean different things and have different values.   You can find a new awareness to the dynamics between you, learning ways to make fulfilling contact with each other.  Discover how to work with difficult feelings and reveal your desire for loving connection.  Learn how to understand your partner from their deepest needs and yours.  Find out how to communicate so you are heard and emotionally satisfied. 

© Matt Davies 2013