“I will not die an unlived life, I will not live in fear”  (Dawna Markova)

Psychotherapy can offer you a way to live the life you want to live, to complete unfinished business and to grow into your true potential.  It is a way to personal growth and fulfilment.   

You may realise you want to do better, want more from life, from yourself, your work or your relationships.  Believing you can find your potential is a first step.  What can follow is a gradual ownership of your own evolution.  Taking your evolution in hand is to serve you as well as your partnerships and communities too!  On the road of personal development are many obstacles, recognised often as fear, doubt, contempt and denial.  Yet, ultimately, the work in moving past these road-blocks is a small price to pay for wholeness and integration of self with life, community and friendships, for a life lived fully with purpose, in freedom.

“Speech is an extension of ourselves...speech accomplishes thought”  (Merleau-Ponty)

We all need to speak, be heard and understood.  Speaking in a safe and private space is a healthy way to process and develop thoughts, feelings and impulses about yourself, your relationships with others and your life situation.  

© Matt Davies 2013