Together - Exploring Relationship to Self and Others

Feedback from previous participants:-

I liked the relaxed approach to exploring”  Anon

“Love the fluidity of the movement with psychoanalysis vibes”  Maria Sophia

I found I got a lot out of the session. …..I feel a little more able to take on issues I can have with my relationships."   BH

"It was great to be able to observe relationship dynamics as a third person”  ST

“I saw things in a way I’d not seen them before”  Anon

“This has been a fantastic way to explore issues / thoughts / experiences in a really safe way.  Thank you.”  Rose

“Good balance between movement, talking and feeling.  Well done.  I gained more knowledge about myself.  Thank you.”  Anon

“Thanks for last Sunday, it was great fun. I loved how easy everything is and yet insightful….how we cover up vulnerability with criticism, etc. that was amazing to catch one in the act as it were.” MJ 

 “I'm truly grateful.…. I want to thank you for giving me the space to explore this part of myself....grow and feel confident that I can open up.” RM 

“I like the structure. It was interesting learning.…it got me looking at patterns in my life of how I react.”  VS 

“I am experiencing some really positive shifts since the workshop.”  TM

“I really enjoyed the workshop..the most significant thing that happened for me was a subtle energetic shift…Also the exploration was great…..I am a bit more engaged and conscious of my issues around “together”…..a great balance of activities and a lot was covered in a short time!” AS

Next Together Workshop dates to be announced.  

Please contact us if you are interested.

‘Together’, mind-body mini-workshops for couples and individuals, men and women, exploring ways of being in relationship to self and others.    

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‘Together’ are mind-body mini-workshops I am offering with my wife Sarah Davies, a 5 Rhythms and Open Floor movement facilittor.  The workshops are for individuals and couples, men and women exploring relationships to self and others.  Each workshop can be taken seperately.

Sarah and I have been married for 15 years and bring our work together for the first time.  Sarah is a 5 Rhythms & Open Floor movement facilitator.  I am a psychotherapist specialising in sexuality and relationships working with individuals and couples.

What can you get out of the workshop?

Improved effectiveness in your relationships

Ways of breaking out of instinctual and negative behaviour patterns and habits

More resilience in everyday life through becoming familiar with your vulnerabilities

Choices for showing hidden aspects of yourself becoming more alive and integrated

Gain insights to renew your intimate relationships

Being together is multi-dimensional. In what ways are we together in ourselves as well as in our relationship to each other?  What other possibilities are there for bringing further aspects of ourselves together?    

Whether or not you are in a relationship with a partner, our primary relationship is always with ourselves. And how we feel internally is highly dependent on our somatic state at the time.  Studies have shown the greater part of our communication is through the body, yet most of us are more practiced in communicating from our minds and often isolate there in conflict. 

We will explore moving with an embodied awareness to integrate mind-space with body-space opening new possibilities of being together in ourselves and in relationship.  Gender, background, culture and personal history influence many of the habitual ways we learn to live in our bodies. The overall aim is to explore, with a degree of humour and warmth, how we can bring together the full diversity of our ways of being in relationship with ourselves and each other. 

Forest Row, Sussex, RH18 5ES

Cost:  £25 each.  Places limitied.  To book please make payment using the ‘Pay Now’ button above or contact me for bookings and enquiries:

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