What to Expect?

"Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.  Begin it now”  (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

I am trained in a range of methods old and new.  I have read my way through volumes on psychology and philosophy.  Despite all this, at my core is rooted a deep open-hearted curiosity and appreciation for the mystery of your individual human existence and your ongoing journey in life.  

You must be the beginning and the end of all enquiry because everything you know, think, feel and do is achieved through you and no one else.

The human being in their wholeness, including dimensions of psyche and spirit, is the empirical basis for my therapeutic approach inspired by anthroposophy and formative psychology.  

Anthroposophy, the research work of psychologist Dr Rudolf Steiner, is a non-dual approach to life which begins with the only thing we can really know - ourselves.  Dr. Steiner defined three psychological functions, now widely recognised: Thoughts, Feelings and Motivation.  The misalignment of these functions can cause confusion, indecision and uncertainty which can severely inhibit the ability for confident action. 

Stanley Keleman in his formative psychology worked with these three functions of the psyche and formulated a method to attune awareness to the way you embody your emotions and life experience.  Negative patterns can be disassembled and re-embodied in positive ways.  This work is easily accessible to most people because, like anthroposophy, it starts with your own reality. 

“When individual identity is grounded in somatic reality, we can say, I know who I am by how I experience myself.”  (Stanley Keleman)    

I recognise the power of each individual to participate in their own evolution and to grow into new areas of potential.

 “Nature makes you merely a natural being; society makes you a law-abiding being; only you can make yourself a free person”          (Dr. Rudolf Steiner, Philosophy of Freedom)

© Matt Davies 2013